We provide De/anti-icing services at 3 Ukrainian airports, operating 8 De/anti-icing vehicles with over 100 experienced and regularly trained staff. We currently provide De/anti-icing procedures more than 1,250 events in a winter season.

We maintain an excellent reputation based on year on year operational performance, honest reporting, accurate invoicing, continuous investment in the de/anti-icing equipment and retention of professional well trained and highly motivated specialized staff.


• De/Anti-icing with ADF Type I (ADF/Water mixture) and Type II (100% ADF)

• Post de/anti-icing check

• Tactile check (clear ice check)

• Local frost prevention

• Underwing de-icing procedures

• Hot air de-icing

• Type I Clariant Safewing MP I 1938 ECO(80) is a low foaming propylene glycol based de-icing fluid

   which conforms to all of the technical requirements of the SAE AMS 1424 for Aircraft

   Deicing/Anti-icing Fluids.

• Type II Clariant Safewing® MP II FLIGHT is a modern propylene based type II de-/anti-icing fluid.

   It meets and exceeds all requirements of the latest revision AMS 1428.

• Two steps de-icing procedure using two ADF types will Save up to 40% of fluid consumption

   per each flight.

• Type I fluid application for the first step makes procedure more efficient.