INTERAVIA offers a wide range of services for our partners and passengers, starting with the ticket sales and flight check-in and finishing with the baggage handling. Our employees are always ready to provide all necessary services to our clients.

Ticket sales, their reissuance and charged services

Our workers may propose you all types of tickets and reissue them in case of need. Moreover, they will help you to pay for excess baggage and other charged services.

Flight check-in and baggage check-in

We work with such systems as Amadeus Altea, SITA, Sabre, Troya, MACS, Sprint, iPort DCS, Astra and others to provide the best possible and quick flight check-n.

Verification of documents

For your comfortable flight and saved time, we offer the service of the verification of the document to make sure that the data is correct and accurate.

Accompaniment of children

If your child needs to perform a flight but you have no possibility to be with him/her, we offer the service of the accompaniment.

Representation and control

As the representative of the air companies, we offer the services for coordination of the handling and comfortable stay of the passengers in the airport, particularly: control of the flight check-in and boarding of the passengers, coordination of the ground passenger handling, service of the passengers from delayed or canceled flights and other.

Moreover, we provide the solution of the problems of the passengers if they are late for the flight or their baggage is lost. INTERAVIA workers will also provide the consultations concerning the rules and norms of the air companies at the number mentioned on the website.

Handling of transfer passengers

Some passengers pass the country through the airports where our company works. They also may receive the whole range of the necessary services.

Lost and Found

In case of the loss of the baggage or delay of the dispensing of the baggage, our workers will help the passengers to process all necessary documents for the search. Besides, INTERAVIA provides the delivery of the baggage.