INTERAVIA provides the service of the handling of the planes at the ramp. Besides, it handles the passengers and members of the crew. For this, we use over 500 units of the equipment and means of different types and modifications.

Marshaling of the aircraft to and from parking point

The employees of INTERAVIA, or so-called, marshals holds the accompaniment of the plane from the parking point to the takeoff strip. Marshals, who are provided with the proper equipment, help the pilots to reach the point of destination, using the particular signals.

Interior and exterior cleaning

Besides, our company provides the services of interior and exterior cleaning. We use the high-quality cleaning means and equipment to provide the comfortable flight for the passengers and crew of. Moreover, our employees manage their work quickly and qualitatively; it allows to handle unscheduled and delayed flights.

Loading and unloading of baggage and mail

During the ramp handling of the aircraft, we also hold the unloading and loading of the baggage and mail with the help of the high-loaders and belt-loaders such as TREPEL CHAMP 70W/70S/CCL35S and TLD. Moreover, we use baggage and ULD- trolleys.

Transportation of passengers and crew

INTERAVIA provides the transportation of the passengers and crew from the terminal to the plane and from the plane to the terminal. We use TAM, MAN, DAN, Mercedes and BOGDAN for these purposes.

Moving of aircraft

In case of the necessity, our company also provides the moving of aircraft. During this procedure we use such equipment as pushbacks DOUGLAS TBL180/TBL280, TLD TMX-550, TLD TPX200S, MX150, SOVAMK100, TPEREL CHALLENGER200 and towbars GMS, DENGEMAKINA, TRONAIR.


De-icing is a very important procedure, especially during the downfalls and frost. The de-icing service provided by INTERAVIA corresponds to DAQCP audit. Depending on the weather conditions, we hold the complete or local handling, which includes the atomization of such anti-icing fluids as TypeI – Clariant Safewing MPI 1938 Eco(80), TypeII – Clariant Safewing MPII Flight, Premix TypeI – 50%, TypeII – 100. After the handling we hold the final inspection and the tactile check.

Moreover, we provide the anti-icing service of the aircraft after the flight. All these actions prevent the icing under the wing of the plane. It is very important for the safe flight.

Weight and balance

Our company provides the service of the plane balance, which is one of the main procedures for the safe flight. Moreover, it increases the efficiency of the transportation of the baggage and mail, saves fuel, reduces the expenses of the company for handling of the aircraft.

Toilet and water service

During the ramp handling, INTERAVIA holds the evacuation of the sanitary pipeworks and provides the aircraft with non-potable water for toilets. We use ISUZU, MERCEDES equipment for these purposes.

Nitrogen and oxygen services

INTERAVIA also provides the aircraft with nitrogen and oxygen with the help of GMS equipment.