More than 20 years of experience
High-quality service 24/7
Largest network of stations in Ukraine

Our Services

We offer full-service of ramp handling facilities and superior passenger handling with highly-trained professionals, delivering excellence from touchdown to takeoff.


Passenger Handling

We provide passenger services operations by assuring professional customer services to passengers.

Ramp Handling

INTERAVIA sets the highest standard in the delivery of complex ramp handling services.

Weight & Balance Service

INTERAVIA`s qualified Flight Operations and Load Control team work closely with your airline operations personnel through an integrated process.

De-Icing / Anti-Icing

We provide De/anti-icing services at 3 Ukrainian airports, operating 8 De/anti-icing vehicles with over 200 experienced and regularly trained staff.

Cargo Supervision

You can rely on our highly qualified, customer-focused and flexible staff, which performs the daily Cargo Handling Supervision at the main Ukrainian airport.

Business Aviation

Our ground handling services are for not only scheduled and charter flights.

Our Clients