INTERAVIA Training Center for staff was established in 1996.  It provides the professional training, refresher training and skills development of specialists of aviation industry in accordance with Ukrainian and international standards.

Training Center is certified by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. It is authorized to provide professional training in ground handling services and in aviation security.

Besides, our center passed IATA audit repeatedly and obtained accreditation of British Airways Air Company.

Our clients are the staff of air companies, handling companies and other aviation industry organization as well as the individuals who would like to start career in the aviation area and get the basic training for future profession. Only in 2018, over 5,000 workers passed the training in our center.

The possibility to obtain not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills within the on-the-job training is one of the advantages of our center. Moreover, we can adapt the training course to requirements and wishes of our client. The training can take place at the office of the center and in the territory of the client.

About 30 qualified trainers work in the center. They successfully passed the special training and were entitled to teach particular disciplines. It is confirmed by the international and national certificates of the training center IATA, ICAO, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Baltic, Training for Business and other.

The combination of teaching and on-the-job activities is the peculiarity of our trainers. In other words, they perfect command of not only theory but practical implementation of the courses they teach. Besides, the Training Center may involve external experts for holding of special courses.

INTERAVIA Training Center offers 18 training courses in the following areas: